Single Twisted Fencing

As the name implies, the Simple Torsion fencing is made of hot-dip galvanized diamond wires. Both ends are folded thus forming a strong and flexible mesh at the same time. All this allows an easy and quick installation, being recommended in multiple cases of metal closures.

The height of the simple twist fence has standard measures but can be made in special measures in specific cases. The standard measurements of the single twist fence are:

and 2.00 meters
There is, and we usually use, a laminated simple twist mesh, which is manufactured with galvanized wire covered with an extra plastic protection in high-density PVC in Polyethylene in green or white, thus increasing the final thickness of the lattice and obtaining a neat finish and with greater resistance to rust.

Diamonds measurements of the mesh:

40mm span (on request).
50mm span. (standard).
Note: Consult without compromise any other type of simple torsion mesh you want.

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